How to build a jungle telegraph in your business?

In the world of sales and business, the important thing is how your potential customers learn about your product. Contacts? Maybe ... However, they are somewhat similar to the burning of the Bengal fire - at first everything is bright and colorful, although the glow fades in the end. How about using a “jungle telegraph”? Tune the right wave, develop your style and ... receive profitable dividends from a "live" advertising with pleasure.

Remember, you will be spoken about in two cases. No other way. The first is if your product / service produced a WOW impression, and the client is happy to tell this to his acquaintances. Congratulations, you are on the right track! After all, according to statistics, the SATISFIED CUSTOMER TELLS ABOUT ITS POSITIVE EMOTIONS TO 9 PEOPLE. Pleasant number, agree.

Another scenario is not so colorful. If your client is disappointed in the service, without getting the expected effect from the product / service - dangers! run away! This is a "ticking bomb" According to the data, the unhappy client will share his bad experience with 16 people.

As a result, your reputation is shattered. The world, of course, did not collapse, but now you have an urgent need to take emergency measures to rehabilitate your name. In both cases, you have made resonance. But how to make sure that “jungle telegraph” does not sink your business? For more details watch our video.