How to make a good marketing kit, and reach out to the customer?

A marketing kit is a set of marketing materials. It combines the most important information about the company (product, service), served under the most "tasty sauce" - with the help of selling design and selling texts. Marketing kit can be implemented in two formats: electronic and printed.

Who needs a marketing kit and why?

The main task of the marketing kit is to present and even sell certain services or products of the company in the most favorable (for the company) and attractive (for the client) way, focusing on a specific target audience.

Imagine the following situation: your sales manager is going to a meeting with a potential client or partner. Within a single meeting he should present the company, mention its merits and experience, as well as present the product or service. You can hope for the skill of "salesman" (which also does not always save), or you can just get a marketing kit and demonstrate the company's features in all its glory. This is not a template booklet, which is often thrown in the trash and left ignored. This is a full-fledged book-presentation, fulfilling the role of an extensive and effective tool for presenting products, company’s brand and selling them.

Marketing kit is:

  • effective tool for the promotion and PR;
  • method of structuring the company's experience;
  • basis for further development of the marketing strategy;
  • basis for productive activities;
  • evidence of the seriousness of the company and the element that distinguishes it from its competitors.

But it should be understood that the specified kit must necessarily contain certain elements:

1. The answer to a question about solving the client's problems by your company

By placing this page at the beginning of the marketing kit, you can immediately demonstrate the benefits of cooperation with your organization in an unobtrusive form. Many people think of problems, so it is advisable to pay attention to this moment during the creation of the title and place a little explanation of the actual difficulty and briefly prove that you can eliminate these client’s pains.

2. List of products or services provided

This list will allow the potential client to immediately understand the specialization of the company.

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3. Competitive advantages of the organization

Clear arguments, playing in your favor, will contribute to co-operation with your company. Occurs placement of a Unique Selling Proposition. Example: a full range of services, pleasant bonuses, speedy delivery, considerable discounts, personal approach, etc.

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4. «About the company»

A brief and open description of the history of the company and the characteristics of its success will allow gaining a potential client, because by its very nature a person trusts positive personalities who do not hide anything. Prior to choosing a company for cooperation, many focus on the person who stands behind the company, instead of the organization itself. For this reason, non-standard solutions, simplicity in communication and openness are your trump cards.

5. Acquaintance with cases

This section describes successfully completed orders of previous customers. Occurs a demonstration of the effectiveness of the company's competent solutions and its experience, which helped to find a way out of difficult situations, providing excellent prospects for customers.

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6. Team

At least one spread in the marketing kit should be dedicated to the company's team in order to show that all people are real and they really have a high level of professionalism.

7. The scheme of cooperation with you

A clear plan adhering to which you cooperate with your clients demonstrates your serious approach to your business. Therefore a couple of pages of the marketing kit should be dedicated to this process.

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8. Recommendations of previous clients

Testimonials of previous customers significantly influence the formation of the final decision on the cooperation. Gather feedback or recommendations from those you have already worked with. There is no need to invent customers and write on their behalf sweet and enthusiastic texts. Testimonials should be real and as natural as possible. Only in this case will they inspire confidence.

9. Awards, certificates, licenses

If the company has received some awards, then why not show results of achievements? Moreover, such a move will attract attention and positively affect the level of trust.

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10. Who is an ideal client?

In other words, share information about the company with, whom the company cooperates, what its target audience, whom it would like to see among its clients. But it is worth noting that the elements of the set can be changed and updated with new details, depending on the availability of information and features of the company's activities.