Who are Landingists?

Landing pages - now we hear about it from all sides. Much has been said and written about the effectiveness of this promotion tool on the Internet. Yes, and you yourself have not once stumbled upon especially successful landings and really working cases on the web, and for sure you were thinking: "I want the same!".

But here's the thing - to get a decent landing page is not so easy. There are a lot of myths about landing pages and their development, in which many of us trully believe. Today we will try to clarify this topic and find out how to get a high-quality product and not make a mistake by applying for help to a person who calls himself a proud title of "Landingist"!

Cheap and cheerful

What does the customer usually want? That's right, good results at minimal costs. Therefore, now the use of landing page generators and site designers is so popular, they provide the end-result in a very short time and, accordingly, within a very limited budget. But in the end, what the customer most often receives is a low percentage of conversion and a headache, because very few people are so good at Internet marketing, copywriting and advertising to make a truly working case using such a service.

Therefore, before pecking at the cheapness of the "stamped" landing page, think twice about whether you should spend your time and money. Isn’t it better to go to a team of professionals once and invest in a high-quality product rather than every time receive mediocre web pages, alike millions others? The choice is yours.

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Anyhow in production

Perhaps, one of the most popular misconceptions of customers is the belief that for effective promotion on the Internet they need to develop only one page. This will be that all-powerful landing that will solve all their problems. And the trouble is that many of "fake" landingists stamping tens of projects a week continue to convince their clients. They will not bother testing the pages and their individual elements, they will not analyze the statistics of requests and visits and try to increase the conversion rates. Such fake-developers try to close the project as quickly as possible and receive their money. They bet on the amount. They don’t care of spending time on you, therefore they are unlikely to tell you that after launching the landing page, there is still a lot of work to be done to make landing work as efficiently as possible.

The Magic Pill

Do not cherish hopes that after receiving a desired landing page, you can steal the show with a huge number of sales and forever forget about the further advancement of your business. Undoubtedly, high-quality landing is already a half of the success. But do not forget about the value and relevance of the product itself, which you are going to promote. You also need to understand that the landing page will give you the best result only in combination with other tools, such as well-designed banner or contextual advertising, promotion on social networks and so on. Therefore, a good team of specialists usually works on good working landings, each of which is good in its field.

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The wow effect of the landing page is left behind and nowadays it’s not easy to impress even the most ordinary Internet user. This is not surprising, because the Internet is already filled up with similar patterned landings, often poorly thought-out and illiterate. Every day they are more annoying users that reduce the credibility of the potential audience.

So if you are counting on high conversion rates and want to gain the trust of visitors to your page, then you should approach it seriously and turn to the professionals of their business. In skillful and experienced hands, the landing page can still become a powerful engine for your business. But be prepared for the fact that a high-quality work that will meet your expectations and bear fruit will never cost a penny and is not offered at every corner.