Case: Website Development, Marketing strategy, Rebranding and Marketing kit for Fabrikant


  • What is done:


Develop a marketing strategy that will become the basis for the development and further brand communication in the market.

Creating a responsive website that is intuitive, close to Central Asia with visual and textual content.

Development of Marketing kit for the presentation of company services at meetings with potential clients.

Initial analysis

TA core: interior designers who are engaged in designing and realization of the objects of the HoReCa sphere.
Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 1
Secondary TA: restaurant owners, hotel business, network cinemas.

TA Insight:

“I want the interior design to be implemented as accurately as possible for a given project”

Studies have shown that realization of furniture design is important for Central Asia without simplification and changes at the production stage. This observation formed the basis for building a brand positioning strategy in the market.

The key message we conveyed in communications: Fabrikant knows what is important for the designer and acts as a partner for the realization of the most daring ideas and projects.

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  • - target audience of the brand
  • - brand archetype
  • - integrated brand positioning
  • - brand philosophy
  • - mission, vision, brand values
  • - language of corporate culture of the brand
  • - advertising strategy: goal, task, territory, timeline
  • - brand information channels
  • - stages of implementation of brand information transfering tools
  • - a description of the intended results for the development of the brand in figures and data

Stage 02.


Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 3 Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 4
Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 5
Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 6 Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 7
  • A corporate pattern that matches the visual voice of the brand was developed for the company.
  • Corporate symbols emphasize the direction of the company, it looks succinctly and restrained.
  • The pattern is scaled to different carriers: starting with the website and ending up with the company tag on an exclusive chair.

Stage 03.

Creating a marketing kit

Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 8
  • We passed the philosophy, the advantages, the main brand messages formulated in the marketing strategy. Realized cases familiarize the potential consumer with the company's approach to the fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

Marketing Kit aims to:

  • - increasing brand awareness among the target audience
  • - attraction of new clients
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Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 10
Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 11

Stage 04.

Development of the company's website





The main screen of the corporate site

  • Content is written in the context of the key message of the strategy: “Fabrikant” - we create more than furniture. The company in collaboration with designers deliberately forms something more: the image, mood, and atmosphere of the place. Modern minimalistic design does not distract from the essence, makes the website easy to read.
  • - fast loading of website pages raises the website in search results
  • - user-friendly admin panel allows even unprepared user edditing the website
  • - the page is fully adapted for mobile devices
go to the website
Case «Fabrikant» from RUBARB - Image - 12

Project outcomes

A competitive positioning of the brand in the market was developed, which has increased the awareness of the company among the target audience, the rates of calls and sales of the company

A big idea of the brand was formed: “We create unique furniture for the realization of your projects”, which formed the basis of the company's communication in the market, advertising and SMM-strategy.

Marketing kit is used for the presentation of the company's services at exhibitions, seminars, meetings with potential customers.

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