Case: Landing Development for Ford


  • What is done:


Development of a modern informative website with comfortable functionality.

Target Audience

Client's target audience is B2B and B2C markets. Commercial and private companies form the priority segment.
B2C market


B2B market


New website design, its structure and overall concept should increase the number of customers attracted through the Internet.

Updating the main company's website

Case: Landing Development for Ford — Rubarb - Image - 1

Corporate website home screen

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World-class trucks

The legend of the automotive industry Ford Company is a reliable manufacturer of high-quality automobiles. Our team faced a specific task: not only to relate the website to the world brand, but also to show the power and strength of the new model from the Ford Trucks series.

Responsive design

Case: Landing Development for Ford — Rubarb - Image - 2
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