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Development of a landing page, promoting one of the priority areas of the company work – flower decoration of weddings, simultaneously describing other “Dutch florist” services.


“Dutch florist” — Kazakhstan’s largest floristic company that has more than 80 showrooms across the country, its own greenhouses and technologies for growing flowers. Its flower compositions adorn the merriest holidays, its luxurious bouquets are presented on the most romantic dates. After all each composition by the “Dutch florist” is an embodiment of beauty and style from the best florists.


Landing should be stylish and bright, without unnecessary pathos carry away to a solemn and romantic wedding atmosphere. Using a plurality of real photos, highlight the beauty of weddings decorated with fresh flowers. Real feedback from the couples who have used company’s services are the additional arguments in the formation of trust.


Marketer has conducted SWOT-analysis, and the page concept was developed. Basing on it the copywriter created texts. An exclusive design, that advantageously distinguishes the page from other websites of the wedding and floral theme, was developed.  An adaptive layout with parallax effects was conducted. Configuring and maintenance of an advertising campaign Google,  Adwords and Yandex, Metrics within 1 month.

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