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  • What is done:

  • Advertising video
  • Stand for product promotion
  • Advertising banner
  • 3D models


Prepare promotional materials, through which the customer can interest the target audience and find new customers. In a short commercial, demonstrate the economic and energy efficiency of ceramic heating Hybrid panels. Develop a promotional stand for product presentation in the Epicenter retail chain, prepare a banner for the use at sales points and for other advertising purposes. Provide services in the design and 3D modeling of new products: thermoregulators, radio relays and modems for the Hybrid systems management.

Initial analysis

The search for an alternative heat source is relevant for everyone today. HYBRO Technologies company offers a solution - Hybrid heating panels, which are characterized by high cost effectivity, efficiency, durability and allow saving up to 30% on heating.


Video infographics



Based on the customer's wishes for the plot, in a short video we were able to cover the problem that most families face in the heating season. Three families, three different approaches to the matter of heat and only one of them found the most reasonable and economical option - the Hybrid heating system. The main advantages of the product are vividly presented in comparison with other types of heating. In the main characters of the video, the viewer recognizes himself, his pain and sees how easily it is possible to solve the issue of heating the house or office.


Development of a promotional stand

Case «HYBRO Technologies» from RUBARB - Image - 2
  • - 3D models of thermostat, radio relay and modem for the Hybrid system were also designed
  • - minimalistic design, a minimum of buttons and parts
  • - User-friendly interface that does not require complex settings
  • - tests of ergonomics (how does it lie in the hand, how does it look in the interior) were conducted by printing models on a 3D printer

Stage 03.

Development of 3D models

Case «HYBRO Technologies» from RUBARB - Image - 3
Case «HYBRO Technologies» from RUBARB - Image - 4
Case «HYBRO Technologies» from RUBARB - Image - 5
Case «HYBRO Technologies» from RUBARB - Image - 6

Project outcomes

Video displays relevant problems and suggests a modern solution. The use of colorful 2D character animation as advertisement allowed to attract the audience and contributed sales growth.

Advertising banner and stand with Hybrid panels demonstrate how stylishly this heating system looks in the interior and highlights its advantages, attracting the attention of potential buyers at sales points.

Hybrid heating system control panels combined all the necessary technical characteristics and attractive minimalistic design. 3D models have become a guide for launching the production of new products by Hybro Technologies.

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