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Create a marketing kit that would maximally informatively and clearly describe the entire range of company-customer services, with the emphasis on the exclusivity and luxury of created projects.

Initial analysis

Bright gardens with dense luxuriant vegetation, babbling waterfalls, pleasing to the eye romantic alpine slides and twisted stone paths – popular version of smallholding design. However, «Arte-S» company for 14 years already is not just engaged in landscape design, but creates exclusive designs, turning an ordinary plot of land into a real green fairy tale.

Case «Landscaping» from RUBARB - Image - 2
Case «Landscaping» from RUBARB - Image - 3


Make accent on luxury, realistic colorful and unique design. Laconic, clear text with specific facts. It is necessary to describe in detail all the services that the company provides. Explain the target audience, that «Arte-S» – company that guarantees an exclusive design and comprehensiveness of works.


In order to accurately select the best form of presentation and design solution of marketing kit, marketer analyzed the target audience, explored needs and preferences. We used a combination of colorful pictures of real objects of “Arte-S” and restrained drawn design, which allowed accurately illustrate all the advantages and offers of the company.

Case «Landscaping» from RUBARB - Image - 4
Case «Landscaping» from RUBARB - Image - 5
Case «Landscaping» from RUBARB - Image - 6
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