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Tell about yourself simply but brightly. Video – it is always interesting! Development of a unique promotional video. Even the most complex topics we present in simple and clear things.

We know how to surprise your consumer, and we do it creatively.


On the creation of promotional videos work not simply professionals: for each clip are selected experts of the corresponding genre. Creating a unique story and bright picture, they are able to convert even the most difficult and boring information in an interesting and accessible material.

How do we create a promotional video?

  1. You set the task. We’ll be the first who’ll see your clip, although only in our imagination yet. Therefore, we expect from you maximum amount of information about the product that you want to present in the video. Take the time to fill in the brief, and to communicate with the manager to tell us everything we need to show.
  2. We offer an idea. We develop the concept, that presents issues of realization of your wishes and our ideas. The theme of your clip is not simple and involves complex numbers or technical terminology? Don’t worry! We know how to turn it into a “delicious candy” not missing the main information.
  3. Storyboard. This is a task for wizards in the design field. Our artists-illustrators create only unique illustrations. You definitely have never seen anything like this anywhere.
  4. Sound. The script is sent to the recording studio where the best announcers make voiceovers.
  5. Video comes to life. Everything necessary is already there. It’s time for motion-designers and which combine illustrations with voiceovers and create video.
  6. Sound Design. The final touch – sound effects. Recorded voiceovers, background music – all the things that will help create the necessary atmosphere of the video.
  7. The clip is ready! Professional promotional video, that will please you, capture the attention of your customers, and, you can be sure, will increase the conversion of your site and raise your sales.

Featured projects


Classic 2D animation (infographic animation)

Animated infographic – classic style of advertising animation, characterized by a certain formality and restraint. It is used for demonstration of complex schemes, instructions, processes, involving numbers and graphs. This is a great way to present complicated for the perception information in an accessible form.

Although visually it seems that animated infographics – a fairly simple service, the process of its creation is complex and intense; it starts with the development of clip concept, scripting, storyboarding. Each of the stages must be agreed with the customer.

Development term of motion graphics – 2-3 weeks, everything depends on the length of the clip. To find out how long will take the creation of an animated video for you, leave a request.


Character promo video – is a great way interestingly and non-trivially tell about the product and service. In fact, this is a short cartoon film, in the plot of which is laid a major advertising message. Particular attention in the creation of this video is given to the development of the concept and script, inventing and thinking through every detail of its plot and visual style. As a result, instead of boring to use instruction we are able to make bright, exciting advertising cartoon.

The process of creating character animation may take from 2.5 to 4 weeks: term, as well as the cost of the promotional video, depends on the timing and complexity of the implementation of all planned visual elements. Find out the price of your video, leaving the application.


Doodle-video – a relatively new, but already recognized as an extremely effective form of advertising animation in the marketing. It is drawn in pencil video presentation – a story that interestingly tells the viewer about the presented product. The peculiarity of doodle-video – the presence of designer’s hand on the screen, that during the clip draws the main characters, the objects that surround them, their thoughts, emotions, way of life – everything is created in front of the audience. Designers of doodle-animation – like hypnotists who via their movements catch viewer’s glance, capture him.

Such form of presentation of information is easy and unobtrusive, using doodle-format it is possible topresent even quite complicated information. You need doodle-video? Leave a request, and we will contact you to discuss the details of your “hypnotic” video.

Infographics, 3D video

Video infographics in 3D format – is an opportunity to present important promotional information as realistically as possible. Three-dimensional animation is popular and demanded nowadays not just in advertising. It captures the viewer, engages into the story, gives the effect of presence, can interest from the first second. This is a perfect marketing tool for a brief story about the company, its benefits, products or services.

The process of creating 3D videos is time-consuming and difficult, here are important not only an unusual concept and an interesting scenario, but the professionalism of animators and illustrators in working with three-dimensional image. Therefore term of development of video depends on the duration and complexity of the animated elements. Leave a request, and we will calculate how long we will work on your three-dimensional video infographics.

Video Instruction

Animated instruction – the most interesting and understandable kind of the training manuals that will allow quickly understand the information provided. Each picture is accompanied by a training video with detailed explanations of each step. More and more often these videos are used as a manual for various goods.

Here you can order as a single large-scale video instruction for the entire service, and a set of small guides for each functional block.

The process of work on a single 60 seconds long animation instruction takes up to 3 weeks. Want to learn more about this service? Leave a request below and we will tell all about the video instructions.

Video for TV

Promotional video for TV, but in an interesting animated format? You are welcome! We can clearly and unusually tell viewers about your product or service, present their strengths and realize the most unusual stories.

Animated add for TV is much more profitable: 5-20 times cheaper than live footage, however a standard 15-second clip for television is created within 1.5-3 weeks. In this case the effect of the animation is often several times superior compared to conventional, boring promotional video. Moreover, such videos can be used not only for television, but also as Internet advertising on various video hosting sites.

We know and use all the technical standards of TV-format.

Order the same video, leaving us a request.

Animated screensaver/logo

Animated title sequence – – visualization of the company’s logo, that is used as an introduction to the videos, presentational products, for the decoration banner. The main tasks of such title sequence – interest the viewer, encourage him to further review or focus his attention on a particular brand.

Terms and cost of producing animated screensaver we can discuss with you after you fill out the form below and leave us a request.

Scripting / voiceovers

No matter what kind of promotional video we are working on, we always create a unique script for a clip. We write not just a script, we create fascinating story that will a 100% interest the viewer. Of course, every customer himself chooses the type of scenario of the future video: classically conservative or informally-modern. Our scriptwriters in their turn realize all the wishes, turning them into exciting, and most importantly – selling videos.

Voiceovers are created exclusively by professionals. We are working with the best announcers in Ukraine and abroad.

Client can choose any language of voiceovers.

Let’s createa concept script of your video

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