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This video was the second video project in our cooperation with the “Pari-Match”. Its purpose – presentation with sound and without it, demonstration at trade shows and conferences. The viewer should understand what it is about, even just looking at the screen, without sound. Video is aimed at attracting new partners.

Initial analysis

Pari-Match — one of the largest international betting companies. Today it is a recognized brand with 20 years of history, which is trusted. It is a reliable bookmaker, which occupies the most stable positions in the domestic market.


With the help of classical infographics present the target audience the basic information about the company, the benefits of cooperation with it and the possibility to cover basic needs of its potential partners.


After analyzing the target audience, we found 3 major criteria by which businesses can judge about honesty of bookmaker. Using infographics we were able to confirm that Pari-Match fully meets these criteria, it is a reliable partner. Clip turned out rich, bright, informative. Its main message is clear even when the speaker’s text is not heard.

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