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Russia’s first manufacturer of stainless steel pools, “Akvasektor”
company performs its work throughly. It established its own production
of swimming pools and their accessories, a special emphasis is made
on the modern approach and the geography of objects where have already
been installed “Akvasektor”npools covers the whole of Russia.

Year: 2015
Client: “Akvasektor” company
Number of pages: 44


Develop a brand marketing-kit that provides a maximum of information about the company and manufactured products. Vividly, informatively and interestingly present the company to attract new customers for long-term cooperation.


Previously, we have developed landing for “Akvasektor” and a large catalog of its products, therefore the ideas for design and presentation in the marketing-kit were already ready. It was important, in addition to basic information about the company and the benefits of cooperation with it, to place cases on the pages with a detailed description of completed projects.


Considering that there was a lot of essential information, the work on marketing-kit took quite a long time. In the text we have highlighted the benefits of working with the company, described in detail all the services offered by “Akvasektor”. In the design we adhered to the “military” theme: as a basis took shades of blue. We also used many real photos of products and ready-made objects.

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