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“Decor” store — the biggest seller of construction and finishing
materials in Cherkassy. This is not a household and hardware store –
this is a place where people buy home comfort. Everything that may
be needed at arrangement of the house, from finishing materials to
decorative elements can be found on “Decor” shelves at any price
request. Style and modernity – major working aspects of “Decor” store.

Year: 2015
Client: «RemusDecor» company


Create an image website where the user can find bright and detailed information about the range of products featured in the stores. The site should not look like an online store. Instead – create the impression of an expensive and functional digital catalog.


From the first seconds of staying on site sent the user in a bright and … original journey around a trading hall. Adhering to the corporate colors of the company, develop a sophisticated design with an emphasis on respectability and luxury. Use maximum of real photographs of the goods in order to demonstrate: it is stylish, modern and accessible for everyone.


A thorough marketing analysis led us to the development of the site concept. The unique design is aimed at the target audience: it contains a lot of real photos and drawn elements. We conducted website integration with CMS, applied mobile adaptation. All the widgets and plugins have been configured. Feedback forms were attached. Website is optimized for popular search engines.

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