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Marketing Kit

Successful and profitable business – it’s not always a standard office,
lazy staff, ordinariness and boring routine. It can be an exciting hobby,
interesting, and even … delicious. Imagine a workplace – not in the
office center or at the dusty factory, but…in the country. Yes, you can
organize your not boring business, together with the project “Drygaya dacha”
(Another country house).

Year: 2015
Client: «Bayer» Ltd.
Number of pages: 32


Present the target audience a unique proposal for the development of a business from scratch — Equipment for moonshining, wine making, brewing, etc.. Rise interest of consumers in the process and show all the benefits of such business.


Marketing kit should tell about the features of each of the proposed technologies, including historical data, which will surely interest the target audience. Develop design, evoking associations with the house coziness, warmth, hospitality.


The main accent in the text of marketing-kit is made on the uniqueness of the proposed equipment, its functionality. Were described in detail production technologies of such specific products at home. Design turned out really exclusive, since many of the details have been drawn by hand.

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