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When you invest in your business the whole soul, when you dream to
create a special, very intimate place, saying goodbye to it may be
quite difficult. If you’re going to sell it – you should find the
same carrying “hands” as your own. Exactly for such deal owners of
cafe “Biscuit” needed a marketing kit.

Year: 2015
Client: Cafe “Biscuit”
Number of pages: 26


Create a marketing-kit that will help owners sell the cafe not just profitably, but pass it to competent entrepreneurs, able to continue this pleasant and profitable business, investing the soul in it. Convey the idea about a profitability of offer, as well as emphasize how cool it is to own a cafe.


Display unique, warm, homely atmosphere of cafe. Make it so that while turning the pages of marketing-kit, the potential buyer would not just find himself there, but also decided to become an owner of this island of comfort and delicious cuisine.


The marketing-kit displays all the advantages of cafe “Biscuit”, underlining the benefits of the acquisition of such place. Taking into account all the wishes of the client’s regarding the design, we have created very beautiful, bright, really “delicious” pages with a maximum amount of information about this place.

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