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Modern auto service “HitAvto” provides complex services of repair and
maintenance of corporate cars and trucks. The main focus of the work
of the company – the best specialists, exceptional service and attention
to detail that ensures 100% serviceability of each vehicle in a vehicle

Year: 2015
Client: Auto Service “HitAvto”
Number of pages: 20


Develop a marketing kit that will help to attract new customers. Using kit favorably allocate “HitAvto” from the competitors.


Using corporate colors and corporate style create a bright and informative marketing kit. The main message – the complexity of the works and exceptional quality. It is necessary to present the process of repair and maintenance of vehicles as a real art that can’t handle ordinary service station.


Analysis of the target audience has given us an understanding of its basic needs that could cover “HitAvto”. Laconic copyright makes it clear: collaboration with this company excludes any problems with the car. Interesting design with hand drawn elements suggests the idea that the car service doesn’t have to be a dirty place with rude staff. In this case we are talking about a serious company with a responsible approach to business.

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