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“OHA” company has been working In the Russian market for more than
15 years. All this time, the company’s customers receive not simply
salmon caviar but a quality product of high class. Rich taste, dense,
whole, large grains of roe, durable packaging – all this became possible
due to the special conditions of production and the unique technical
equipment of the company.

Year: 2015
Terms of development: 1 month


Develop a landing page, which will help increase the amount of sales, establish new partnerships, bring the company to the next level. The landing page should consist of two pages, each of which demonstrates the company’s advantageous offer individually for wholesale and retail customers.


What can best demonstrate a food product and cause customer’s interest? Of course, its realistic pictures. Therefore we decided to focus on such. Juicy, bright, really tasty photo of red salmon caviar will definitely cause the appetite of potential consumer and encourage him to make a wholesale or retail trade.


We’ve developed a page with two transitions for segmenting the target audience. Besides bright illustrations, we also focused attention on company’s benefits: stability, experience, highest quality products. Maximally capaciously was presented a unique selling proposition. The results of work pleased both the client who has achieved the goals and us – this case has attracted a lot of new customers.

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