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Marketing Kit

How much easier life became after the emergence of the opportunity to
make online video broadcasting. And it is not about live television
broadcasting, but about many other areas of business, that previously
required personal presence of people on the various types of events,
suffered from limited corporate communication within a large company,
and others. With the help of FACECAST service online video broadcasting
receive more opportunities for realization on any devices, and anywhere
in the world.

Year: 2015
Number of pages: 30


Develop a marketing-kit that can maximally favorably present the company’s offer, its experience and advantages of cooperation exactly with FACECAST.


The main idea of the kit consisted in the fact that it caused the confidence of potential customers. Platform, that it offers, in any case should not be associated with the equipment, which due to its poor quality is faltering in the work. Emphasize all the advantages of FACECAST platform.


In the text of marketing-kit is told about the platform capabilities, characteristics that make it better than other similar equipment, principles of its work and stages of cooperation. Consumer confidence causes feedback from previous customers – recognized business representatives. The stylish design emphasized the disclosed theme.

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