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«Beauty Meal» company for the first time in Cherkassy started
promoting correct, healthy diet, offering individual development
of nutrition programs. The company’s goal – to teach the citizens
eat balanced, healthy and at the same time – delicious foods.
«Beauty Meal» not only develops a personalized menu for each day
and cooks dietary meals, but also helps its clients monitor food
intake mode, and the number of calories consumed.

Year: 2015
Client: «Beauty Meal» company


Develop a bright, informative company website, which from the first seconds of user staying on it will prove: diet food – it is not just healthy, but also appetizing and delicious. The finished project should be interesting and attract new customers.


Create a website using «Beauty Meal» corporate style colors: orange and green – this combination is associated with tasty food, and increases appetite. In a simple, accessible form disclose the benefits of proper nutrition, provide information about each of the programs offered, their price and content.


Marketer conducted a deep analysis of the niche and developed the concept of the site, according to which were developed USP and copyright for pages. We developed an exclusive design, conducted adaptive layout and SEO optimization. Website is integrated with CMS WordPress and CRM.

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