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Video infographics

Do you think that it is not possible to present and sell sophisticated
production equipment to an average consumer? Are you sure that it will
be hard for a consumer to see himself in the advertising of such a
product? Together with manufacturer of dosing equipment, “Stanco Group”
company, we managed to create not just an advertisement but an entertaining

Year: 2015
Client: Stanco Group


Create a non-trivial presentation of highly accurate dosing equipment manufactured by “Stanco Group”. The initial task – video in the style of a classic infographics.


Move away from the original decision to use the classic infographics, add characters in which each viewer will be able to recognize himself. Create a story with a “twist”, reflecting the needs of the consumer and their solutions, each client should recognize himself in it. As a result, we should receive a true story that is familiar to every entrepreneur.


We chose an unusual whiteboard animation – hand-drawn black and white cartoon stands out from the rest of the videos of other manufacturers of similar equipment. We were working on two concepts of the video, after the approval of one of these, started working on detailing of the clip: each shot, drawn by an illustrator, animator divided into 29 parts that allowed maximum detailing.

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