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Real Trade company positions itself as the leader of the regional
market of roofing materials. Range of services consisting of
high-quality product, the widest range of products, exceptional
service and a European approach to working with clients, can not
offer none of the similar companies in Cherkassy. This is a real
reliability of roof and modern view on building.

Year: 2015
Client: Real Trade company


The company operates on the market since 2002. The same year was created the first Real Trade logo. Of course, nowadays it slightly outlived its usefulness, looks outdated and irrelevant, contradicting to European vector in company’s work. Our task was to create a modern logo that could reflect all areas of work of the customer, its basic principles and ambitions formed over many years of work.


Combine in the logo associations with three main themes: roof (company’s activities), shark (as a symbol of the fact that Real Trade – is a real shark on the market, and as a sign of strength, power and knowledge) and the triangle (one of the main symbols of the business, showing confidence, stability, reliability).


We offered the customer three options of logo. He wanted to escape from extremely sharp angles in the symbolism of the company, while maintaining the basic theme – the roof, roofing systems. Despite smoothing of angles, the logo was supposed to be strict, “masculine”. It is expressed in print type, line thickness. Used colors correspond to the company’s corporate style.

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