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Belief that “white collar workers” – businessmen and workers of intellectual
professions – are far from the sport, is erroneous. They are also trying to
develop their body and spirit. Although besides classical fitness clubs that
offer its customers only a “the walls with gym equipment” they don’t really
have any other options. Boxing clubs network Rocky offers to occupy a unique
and still unoccupied niche for sports business – boxing club for “white collar

Year: 2015
Client: Boxing clubs Rocky
Number of pages: 40


Selling marketing kit that would fully presented the essence of offer, convinced the target audience in the benefits of such business.


After studying needs of the target audience, we decided to make the main emphasis on the new trend in sports industry – box for “white collar workers”. Use the maximum of useful information that provides answers to various questions.


Information transformed into selling texts is presented in the kit according to the extent of importance. The design features black and red colors, causing a direct association with boxing and strength, and the combination of boxing theme with the elegance of “white collar workers”.

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