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Do you know the flavor of a true delight? An unusual trio of fresh
fragrant strawberries, high-quality chocolate and delicate filling –
taste that brings blessedness to anyone who tries it. This is a unique
surprise for loved ones, special gift for colleagues, this is something
you’d very like to please yourself occasionally with. ChocoLab company –
wizards that create these exclusive antidepressants. Sets of strawberries
dipped in chocolate by ChocoLab chocolatier offer more than 20 variations
of tasty gifts for yourself and loved ones.

Year: 2015
Client: ChocoLab company


Create a brand website with the function of an online store, which would emphasize exclusivity and luxury status of the company’s services. Make focus on customer orientation, the ability to chose and order individual design of strawberries.


Create a “delicious”, luxury site, which fully demonstrate the beauty and uniqueness of the proposed strawberries, all possible interpretations of their design, offer options for ordering sweet sets and gift certificates for buying them. Particular emphasis – on feedback from previous clients, they are not shown in a boring standard form but in the form of gallery of photos from Instagram.


Job of marketer: study of the target audience and the client offers. Copywriter wrote an interesting, lively content. Developed an exclusive website design. Created unique animated banners. Plugged WooCommerce plugin, which allowed create an online store on the pages of a brand site. Conducted integration with CMS. Configured contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google AdWords.

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