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Video infographics

Style – a mandatory part of any modern house. Competent approach
to the formation of the style in the interior creates comfort,
necessary to the new generation. Sochi studio “DOM” creates stylish
comfort, specializing in unique interior design.

Year: 2015
Client: Design Studio “DOM”


Create animated promotional video that fully displays all the advantages of working with design studio “DOM” and will help to attract potential clients.


For the clip was chosen character 2D animation – format that will be interesting for consumers. Video should be promotional in nature, and reflect the company’s main message.


In the video, we were able to sustain the minimalism in the use of scenery and auxiliary elements on the background in order not to overload the audience with unnecessary details and focus their attention on the main topic. We presented the advantages of working with the company: ease of ordering, competent and attentive staff, the selection of design solutions for every budget and term. Infographics turned out simple for perception, dynamic and interesting.

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