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Video infographics

Why artificial stone in the interior is becoming more popular? Why
is it better and more practical than natural? Is it true that the
creation of the furniture of artificial stone – is a true art?
Answers to these questions knows Stone Slon company.

Year: 2015
Client: Stone Slon company


Demonstrate in the video the advantages of artificial stone and work with Stone Slon company, in a favorable and interesting manner present its products. Create a bright and outstanding video that can allocate the company from its competitors and will be remembered by customers.


To implement this task we decided to create a bright, colorful scene clip in 2D graphics with elements of classic infographics, adhering to the corporate style of the company.


After analyzing the needs of the target audience, we created a story, which reflects all the major problems with the use of products made of natural stone and presented their unique solutions with the help of artificial stone. Video is made in the style of character animation with the use of shape animation. We managed to create fun, understandable and informatively capacious clip.

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