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The problem of proper and correct disposal of different types of waste is
extremely urgent for modern society. “Waste Management” company undertook
it, it uses the most modern and safe methods ofbdisposal and makes the world

Year: 2015
Client: Group of Companies “Waste Management”
Number of pages: 38


Develop informative marketing kit that not only displays all the current problems with the improper disposal of various types of waste, but also emphasizes the need for such measures, describing legal norms, committing to utilize wastes in a modern and safe way, and reveals the benefits of “Waste Management” in comparison with other similar organizations.


Develop a kit in bright, life-affirming colors, evoking associations with environmental theme. Answer all the questions of the target audience, which may arise at the stage of making a decision on cooperation with one or another of waste utilizing company.


In the text of marketing-kit we have displayed the complexity and universality of “Waste Management”: a detailed scheme of work on each of the types of waste, and emphasized conformity of the company’s activities to all regulations. The combination of rich green and orange colors in the design gives a feeling of purity, environmental friendliness of the surrounding world.

Управление отходами, маркетинг кит
Управление отходами маркетинг кит
Управление отходами
Управление отходами

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