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In Astrakhan appeared a new company providing services of technical
maintenance and repair of internal engineering systems. It immediately
began to position itself as the first company in the city that provides
a full range of services of the highest quality.

YEAR: 2015
Client: company providing services of technical maintenance and repair
of engineering systems


Develop naming, logo and company’s corporate style. These should be memorable, recognizable, colorful, evoke warm, “home” associations, the belief that this is where you can find help.


Create an image of a reliable “home” company, a family friend who is willing to quickly solve the existing problems. Name – dynamic, emotional, that stands out from its competitors. Develop the chosen idea both in design of logo and corporate style. As the basis of all options of corporate style is chosen yellow – the color of trust, openness, warmth of home, as well as blue – the color of confidence, focusing the attention of the audience.


On the basis of the selected archetype we have developed a concept with 3 options of naming to choose from. Verifying its uniqueness, we chose it: “Wow! Service.” We developed design of business card, letterhead stationery, branded cars, advertising booklets and flyers. Then we came up with corporate character – a hero who embodies the basic principles of the company.

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