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True connoisseurs of fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities know
how difficult it is to find a high quality, durable and waterproof outfit.
Clothing and outfitting sellers know about these problems,therefore they
are particularly interested in offering customers reliable and high quality

Year: 2015
Client: «Bolimena» Ltd
Number of pages: 28


Create a marketing kit for attracting new partners and increasing the number of outfitting wholesale contracts for fishing, hunting and ATV.


Previously, our company has developed a website for the client, therefore we both decided to stick the style of the site in the design and presentation of information in the marketing-kit.


Through close collaboration with the client, fast edits, the work on marketing-kit didn’t take long. Customer has provided the maximum of information we could use as the main arguments for cooperation. Restrained design, maximum information and correct presentation have allowed us to achieve the main objective of the kit – favorably present the client’s products and encourage partners its potential to cooperation.

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