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Video Infographics

How to motivate company employees to work at raising its income?
How to explain that such a system will work at increasing personal
income of the employee? How to present the idea of motivational
program, without imposing it and without turning into a routine?
Answers to these questions know perfectly well Corn Agents,
employees of “Euroset”, Anya and Petya.

Year: 2015
Client: « Zolotaya Korona» СJSC


Create a video clip for motivation program of “Euroset”. Video should force the network staff during registration of “Corn” card offer the clients additional services: credit limit or deposit program. Prove that connecting these services, they can earn attractive bonuses.


Continuing the series of clips in the assigned style, tell a story of two successful sellers at “Euroset” called Anya and Petya. Careful attention to each client allows them to earn more. Emphasize how profitable to be a “Corn Agent”.


Branded and main characters of the clip and all its details were hand-drawn by illustrator. Applied maximum animation of all the details, that allowed creating a dynamic, fun, bright video –  complete cartoon, continuing the story of “Euroset””agents”.

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