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Develop a marketing kit in order to attract new customers. Interest potential customer in services of “TMP group” company.

Initial analysis

Comfort in the house does not depend on high cost and beauty of decoration and furniture, but on the quality of the renovation. After all, what sense in a rare vase or expensive curtains, if the ceiling is about to fall down? To keep things in their place, it is important to entrust the renovation to professionals.

Case «Renovation of apartments» from RUBARB - Image - 2
Case «Renovation of apartments» from RUBARB - Image - 3
Case «Renovation of apartments» from RUBARB - Image - 4


After studying all the disadvantages of client’s competitors, emphasize the benefits of working with the “TMP group.” In the design, emphasize the professional approach to business and the comfort of home, the key to which lies in qualitative renovation.


The client was very demanding to copywrite of marketing-kit and its structure. Therefore, we have provided several options before the final text was approved. Stylish design with hand drawn elements reflects the modern approach of company to the work and individuality of each its project.

Case «Renovation of apartments» from RUBARB - Image - 5
Case «Renovation of apartments» from RUBARB - Image - 6
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