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Design a brand multilanguage company website, which will present its products to those skilled in the field of medicine in the whole world. Disclose all areas of SIC work, with an emphasis on high quality of Ukrainian product, and closed production cycle.

Initial analysis

Scientific and Engineering Center “Scaner” produces sophisticated medical equipment. Equipment under the brand Scaner – high-quality, competitive product of the European level, colposcopes and surgical microscopes of Ukrainian manufacturer are used in the best clinics of Ukraine, Russia and several European countries. Modern website, radically different from other resources on medical subjects – is a necessity for the company of such a high level.


Allocate the website from the rest of resources on medical subjects using unusual design and non-standard representation of information. Display all stages of production, from design to installation of the equipment in hospitals with the help of real photos.


Studying of the targeted audience needs led to the development of concept and writing of copyright. Created a unique design with real photos and drawn elements. We conducted website integration with the CMS, mobile adaptation, customization of widgets and plug-ins, metrics connection. The website is optimized for search engines and translated into 3 languages.


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