Case: Doodle Video for Insurance Crank


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Case: Doodle Video for Insurance Crank — Rubarb - Image - 1


Creating a brand clip, which will remain in the viewer’s memory and will be able to emphasize the company among others.

Preliminary analysis

«Strahovaya zhadina» law boutique is a place where every car owner can find professional legal support. The company aims to change the unfair attitude of insurance companies to customers, make them immediately pay the full amount of losses.


Making a video in doodle (scribing) style, which is recognized as the most effective marketing tool in 2015. Doodle animation “catches” the viewer’s attention and helps to explain the main message of the clip.


The peculiarity of this video is that all its characters have real prototypes – characters were hand-drawn by illustrator from real photos of the company employees. Video animation of the main elements adds dynamics to the video, it is not often used in advertising doodle clips. The result was an interesting video, which in unusual and accessible form describes a very complex service.

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