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For sure every advanced company dreams of “knockout” landing, which would cause a storm of emotions and attract the attention of internet users. Surely, one can find a huge variety of ready-made single page websites in internet, and it is quite difficult to find a quality product, but still possible. Lately, high class parallax scrolling is considered to be the most expensive and visually attracting, that is why, and no wonder, that the most interesting pages are based on this effect.


A curious fact: a classic arcade game «Moon Patrol» (1982) is considered to be the first example of computer parallax.

Here is the “hot three” most expensive and creative landing pages, that surprise by originality.

1. Having chosen the concept «Back to the beginning», layout designers in «Shout Digital» agency managed in uncomplicated form and with the help of animation in retro style to show all the most famous tourist places in California coast to the visitors of the website. Despite the simplicity of the effects, this microsite looks expensive, and what is more important, it attracts attention, and demonstrates a high level of professionalism. Have a nice trip!

2. Land created by «Firstborn» digital agency highlights a quite serious topic concerning the credit union. Website demonstrates the benefits of this economic organization, and tells about shortcomings of holding money in banks. It is necessary to note that the creators managed to present such a traditional concept using very untraditional approach. The information is presented in a clear format, and animation itself took much time! makeyourmoneymatter.org

3. The third website will make you definitely feel dizzy … in a literal sense. This single page website is timed to coincide with sport action film “The Art of Flight 3D». Abrupt turn by means of parallax scrolling allows us to feel emotions experienced by snowboarders, while making their unrealistic stunts. Why not? artofflightmovie.com

SMALL BONUS: Fans of the popular «The Walking Dead» who know English, will certainly enjoy spending ordinary day with dead. Website www.cabletv.com/the–walking–dead was created in the form of comics, which looks quite interesting and exciting. Lead designer Gavin Beck said that his goal was to create a webpage that would like absolutely all fans of the cult serial. Fans say that the creators succeeded in it!

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