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Surely everyone has favorite paintings, which surprise by their originality. Artist’s works are not always can be called beautiful or profound. And some even cause a smile and misunderstanding, how does such “art” cost millions.

In any case, there is no accounting for a taste, is there..? But in the modern world not only creative people, who are able to create incredible things with the help of canvas and paints are appreciated. Some graphic designers have achieved such a success that their works adorn the covers of popular magazines, appear on posters and serve as an example of successful implementation of talent and skills. Let’s meet some experts whose names are considered to be synonymous with true professionalism. Let’s go.

1. The first one in the list is the famous Italian illustrator and designer Alberto Seveso. We will not delve into his biography, note only that he creates original illustrations that could be called a fine line between vector and raster graphics. The first differs by graphic primitivism, and the other one by realism. Fascinating, is it?

Of course, this has not been without cooperation with well-known global brands: Adobe Photoshop Touch, Sony, Nikon, Olmeca Tequila and so on…

Since Alberto Seveso has quite an impressive portfolio, it is advisable to visit his website burdu976.com/phs/. Moreover, some works are accompanied by a video that demonstrates the process of creation of one or another piece of art, creativity of which just rolls!

2. Having enjoyed bright colors and unusual combinations, we are moving to completely opposite style. Next illustrator will certainly appeal to all fans of “The Walking Dead” and “Hannibal.” Dutchman Patrick Tan creates very horrible, but nevertheless beautiful surreal works in Photoshop. Bizarre shapes and well thought images allow him to demonstrate the beauty of horror so professionally that this ability made him one of the most popular graphic illustrators. Welcome to HELL!

It is very curious fact that, for all its darkness, Patrick Tan managed to cooperate very productively with Nike, Adidas and other brands. Website patricktang.prosite.com contains many beautiful works, so if you are a fan of this trend – you are welcome!

3. Having looked for the first time at the work of French illustrator Marc Simonetti, the thought appears that he creates illustrations for the novels of the fantasy genre. Below are examples, that fans of “Game of Thrones” will certainly appreciate. «Valar Morghulis»!

Stylistic diversity of the artist surprises, since his portfolio includes the works that are more like created in watercolor style, as well as in detailed computer graphics:

Despite the fact that Marc Simonetti is not cooperating with well-known commercial brands, he has proven himself in RPG. It is known that in 2014 illustrator published a book «Coverama», about the process of creating graphic arts. Today, it has great popularity among young specialists. All fans of fantasy are recommend to visit the site marcsimonetti.deviantart.com in order to enjoy the high-end works of this art.

It should be noted that this list could be filled with a variety of talented and dedicated web artists, as the world of representatives of graphic illustrators are pretty diverse. Flight of imagination, creative inspiration and skill help to create incredible pictures!

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