Case: 2D Video Development for the Golden Crown Company


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Case: 2D Video Development for the Golden Crown Company — Rubarb - Image - 1


Creating a video clip for motivation program of “Euroset”. Video should make the network staff, during registration of “Corn” card, offer the clients additional services: credit limit or deposit program. Proving that connecting these services, they can earn attractive bonuses.

Preliminary analysis

How to motivate company employees to work at raising its income? How to explain that such a system will work at increasing personal income of the employee? How to present the idea of motivational program, without imposing it and without turning into a routine? The Corn Agents, employees of “Euroset”, Anya and Petya, know the answers to these questions perfectly .


To  tell a story of two successful “Euroset” sellers named Anya and Petya, continuing the series of clips in the assigned style. Careful attention to each client allows them to earn more. Emphasize how profitable it is to be a “Corn Agent”.


Branded and main characters of the clip and all its details were hand-drawn by an illustrator. Applied maximum animation of all the details, that allowed creating a dynamic, fun, bright video –  a complete cartoon, continuing the story of “Euroset””agents”.

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