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The Cherkasy City Zoo is a true pearl of Cherkasy. It is not just a place, where exotic and domestic animals live, it is a magical world, always interesting and calm. Zoo is the best place for rest for the Cherkasy locals and city guests. It is impossible to go away without taking a part from this place. So we've helped to create unique zoo gifts for each visitor.


Design zoo souvenir products adhering to the existing style. Create a unique, interesting and user-friendly map-scheme of the zoo.

Case «Zoo» from RUBARB - Image - 2
Case «Zoo» from RUBARB - Image - 3
Case «Zoo» from RUBARB - Image - 4


An owl and a fox-fenok were chosen as the main characters for the souvenir products. Fenok is a new animal recently brought to the Cherkasy Zoo, therefore souvenirs are also an opportunity to attract the attention of visitors to an exotic novelty.


An owl and fox-fenok were created in a unique author's graphics. Their images decorate cups (by the way, we've moved away from standard ceramic cups, replacing them with the metal ones), souvenir plates, cardboard coasters (the information about the zoo is on the reverse side), eco-pens. A colorful map-scheme, drawn by our designers - a detailed guide for guests around the fabulous world of animals - is located at the entrance to the zoo and in its separate areas.

Case «Zoo» from RUBARB - Image - 5
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