Brand book

Brand book


Brandbook includes positioning, development of strategy of the company, as well as the main brand elements and principles of their design.

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The concept
of brand

The introductory part of the brand book reveals the company's philosophy and image that allow the audience to get certain functional and emotional associations and remember the brand.


Description of

The main part of the brand book contains rules for the use of elements of corporate identity, which increases the effectiveness of marketing communications and helps the consumer to identify the brand quickly.

Why a brandbook is needed?


Increase of brand awareness

A single style in the design of online and offline advertising, the use of corporate elements by the company's representative offices in various regions significantly increases the effectiveness of brand promotion.


Reduced costs on the development of advertising materials

Brandbook helps designers, marketers and managers of the company within a short time to create promotional materials that will fully correspond to the concept of brand promotion.


Introduction of corporate culture

The use of corporate identity standards throughout the company contributes to the enhancement of corporate culture. Brandbook describes the mission and values that are broadcasted through the company's employees to customers.


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What is the brandbook

As a result of our cooperation, you get everything you need for successful promotion of your company:

  • - Description of the history and the general concept of the brand
  • - Definition of the basic principles of work of a brand in the market
  • - Characteristics of the target audience of the brand
  • - Description of the nature and style of communication with the consumer, indication of key anchor phrases
  • - Basic principles of marketing activities and work with social media
  • - Rules and examples of using the logo
  • - Requirements for fonts, color palette and image style
  • - Variants of outdoor advertising, printing and souvenirs
  • - POS-materials (Point of Sales Materials - advertising materials at points of sale that attract the attention of the consumer)
  • - Branding of uniforms and transport