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  • concentrated all effort on the product, but then understood that brand promotion is essential
  • are on start-up stage
  • open new directions with the new product
  • are going to enter new markets
    Effective marketing strategy implementation will bring such results.:
  • 1. Expanding geographical positions and increasing sales.
  • 2. Strengthening the brand's position in the market.
  • 3. The conquest of new markets – successful launch of a new product or service.
  • 4. A growing number of loyal consumers.




  • Description of the peculiarities and trends in the development of the market where your company functions.
  • Description of the dynamics and growth rates of the market, as well as forecasting changes of its volumes in short and long term.
  • Description of the main factors that affect consumer demand.
  • Description of the market structure and identifying companies that hold leading positions.


  • Description of your future clients and their desires.
  • Creating a portrait of a typical client and his/her system of values.
  • Description of peculiarities of typical client's customer behavior .
  • Defining the level of awareness about your product and determining the degree of loyalty to your brand.


  • Описание того, кто является Вашими конкурентами.
  • Description of strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
  • Description of the buyers' attitude to your competitors' goods and services and degree of their commitment to the brand.


  • Identifying and evaluating the strategic directions of your business.
  • Determining the position of your company compared to competitors.
  • Analysis of company's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Researching the effectiveness of the company's marketing activity.


  • Determining the directions of your business development.
  • Description of main strategic advantages of your company, which will be the base of the marketing strategy.


  • Analyzing current position of the company::
    • Description of your brand and whom it was created for;
    • Identification and description of unique brand features;
    • Describing the peculiarities of your goods or services, why are they necessary for your client, what advantages do they have ;
  • Selection of the desired position on the market.
  • Developing activities to achieve the desired position.
  • Selection of channels for brand information distribution.


  • Defining the purposes of the advertising campaign.
  • Developing the concept of the advertising campaign and describing the position of your company in the minds of consumers.
  • Developing the main message about your products and services and selecting the best tools to transfer it to the buyer.
  • Choice of channels and sites for the most effective communication with your target audience.
  • Development of SMM strategy.
  • Media planning and budget calculation.

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Double growth strategy

marketing strategy of company promotion
  1. Strategic session
  2. ANALYSIS OF THE MARKET – we study the market, conduct an audit of the brand and competitors' activities, identify weak and strong points (SWOT analysis).
  3. Target Audience – we define the TA and its needs, and describe general portrait.
  4. Definition UTP, rational and emotional benefits – integrated positioning.
  5. Brand philosophy, mission, vision, values brand channels.
  6. Tone of voice – brand voice, brand communication style with the TA.
  7. Promotion channels.
  8. Advertising strategy - includes "Digital Breakthrough". We set goals, objectives, KPI, deadlines to be achieved with the tools selected.
  9. Roadmap and results forecast.

Developed for at least 1 year.

Timeline –
33 business days
Price –
From 2500$
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Digital Breakthrough

advertising strategy
  1. Strategic session
  2. ANALYSIS OF the activities of the brand and its competitors, the overall situation in the market of services / products.
  3. Development creative concept.
  4. Development of UTP of an advertising campaign.
  5. Development promotion tools:
    • - analysis;
    • - SMM-strategy development;
    • - content strategy development;
    • - methods of working with opinion leaders;
    • - A/B testing;
  6. Launch advertising campaign.
  7. Monitoring indicators, data analysis, conclusions on the results.

Developed for at least 5 months.

Timeline –
17 business days
Price –
From 1800$
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Marketing Strategy: Turnkey Development

Marketing strategy -the basis for the development of any business. This is a set of solutions, aimed at determining the vector of the company, achievement of certain tasks: commercial, image, communication. Strategies determine the future of the brand, its prospects and opportunities.

What does a marketing company include?

Creating and promoting a brand consists of step-by-step processes:

  1. Analysis of the product of the company.
  2. Research competitive environment.
  3. Analysis of the target audience, drawing up a portrait of the consumer (functional and emotional needs, key insights)
  4. Branding: development of a big idea, UTP, the tone of brand communication with the target audience.
  5. Advertising strategy.
  6. Drawing up company promotion channels in online and offline space.

Why do you need positioning?

Brand positioning is the image of a company, an association that occurs at a subconscious level in the target audience in relation to the company. The main task: to convince the potential consumer why he should choose your particular product or service. Positioning strategies allow you to:

  • determine the direction of the company for several years;
  • highlight the functional and emotional benefits of the product;
  • develop a core idea, brand value;
  • to consolidate and strengthen the position in the market:
  • differentiate from competitors;
  • achieve business goals, increase sales and profits.