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Video infographics

Public utility payments are becoming more expensive, the amounts
that you have to pay for heating – increasing. Therefore, today, the
search for an alternative and, most importantly, saving heating
source – is important for everyone. HYBRO Technologies company offers
to solve this problem with its unique development – Hybrid heating panels.

Year: 2016
Client: HYBRO Technologies


Create a promotional video with the help of which the customer will be able to interest the target audience and find new customers. In a short video prove economical and power efficiency of the ceramic Hybrid heating panels.


The story offered by the customer, implement with the help of colorful character 2D animation. Bright and dynamic cartoon, displaying urgent problems and their potential solutions, will certainly interest the consumer.


Based on the customer’s wishes regarding the story, in a short video, we were able to uncover the problem with which most of the people face during the heating season: three families, three different approaches to the issue of heat, and only one of them found the most reasonable and affordable option – Hybrid heating systems. Laconically and clearly are displayed the main advantages of the product compared to other types of heating. By demonstrating on different platforms, it immediately “catches” eye and stays in memory.

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